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Ewan's Birth Story

♥ 8 December 2020, Tuesday ♥

Hospital Bag for Mom : Labour and Delivery



1.   Water Bottle

2.   Clothes : Nightdress, T-shirt, Jacket,
      Underwear, Sport pant and Towel
3.   Warm Socks
4.   Hand Sanitizer 
5.   Surgical Mask
6.   Towel
7.   Toothbrush
8.   Toothpaste
9.   Comb
10.  Feminine Wash
11.  Plastic Bag to keep dirty clothes
12.  Face Wash
13.  Maternity Pads
14.  Phone and Charger
15.  Note and Pen
16.  GoPro Hero 8 and Charger
17.  My Documents (ID card & Pink Book)
18. Stainless Steel Thermos Vacuum Flask


1.   Newborn Diapers (like more than       

       5pcs unless your hospital provides them FOC)

2.   Wipes
3.   Baby Clothes (for going home)
4.   Mitts and Socks
6.   Baby Blanket Newborn
7.   Baby Silicone pacifier
8.   Baby Cotton Face Towel

2:00am :
I was very painful in my tummy and walk very slow when going to toilet. I try to bear until 3.30am, I gave up because it was very very very suffering... Painful...Painful...Painful...Painful...!!!! My husband said better now go to hospital since it is an emergency. I changed clothing and had a short-time shower...because it is very painful!!!! My husband whatsapp my sis in-law to her to wake up and will come. 

My husband drove too fast to Hospital. 

4:00am :
Leaving for Bagan Specialist Centre and proceeded with admission. Nurse brought me with a wheelchair to labor room. Nurse checked my tummy and my baby's heart beat with monitor. She told me its nothing and only a small matter... I replied I was very painful in my tummy at home but the pain stopped upon arrival at labor room.. She said ok and not so soon, monitor suddenly rang very loud like hurt...she confirmed it's an emergency so she called doctor. Doctor gave instruction that I needed to do Covid-19 test first.

5:00am :
Did a Covid-19 test with my nose before labor room. I tried to control myself and never sneeze after that test. Nurse praised me for being strong. I change clothing and clean myself in the toliet. Waited until 2 hours for my test result.

7:15am :
Wore name tag with series number on my wrist.. Confirmed the name tag and series number to be worn on my baby's legs after delivery.

7:30am :
I signed on the agreement that was given by nurse to start operation. Doctor injected my body back so that I do not sleep and feel no pain. Doctor did operation on my belly.

8:48am :
Finally my dearest newborn baby out!!! Nurse showed me my baby. He cried and him body is covered with blood. I was very happy to see my baby crying until fainted on spot.

My baby was given a stroll along to labor room to clean his body. Nurse said will pass my baby to my husband need check all my baby. 

10:00am :
Woke up in operation room. Nurse asked me whether I am alright and transferred me to ward. I feel sleepy and tired whilst my legs are immobilized. My husband was together with me in the ward but for 15 minutes only due to their strict regulation because of Covid-19 pandemic.

2:00pm :
I can't eat meal a day only and start can eat meal next day. My legs finally can move...

7:00pm :
Nurse carried my baby to my ward and I was very excited and gave my baby kisses and hug. My baby was very cute.
Thanks to God for keeping safe through baby delivering.
Second time, I have extra family member and that makes a pair of children to us!

This is my precious baby.
Name: Ewan Chan
Gender: Boy
Date of Birth: 8 December 2020
Time of Birth: 8.48 am
Birth Weight: 3.45 kg
Doctor who delivered my baby: Dr Jason Ong

Friday, December 18

My 2nd Pregnancy Story

 One Trimester during MCO

(6 - 13 weeks) 

MCO is movement control order

I did a heavy series of exercises such as jumping and so on at home during MCO but didn't know I was pregnant. I lost weight about 10kg from March until April. I noticed my breasts getting bigger and they were aching. My body feels so awkward and found it amiss. 

It reminded me of my 1st pregnancy. On my way to collect examination paper from tuition center, I bought a pregnancy kit from the pharmacy @ Raja Uda. I was very shocked that pregnancy test showed the results are positive during MCO @ 22 April 2020. I told my 1st daughter that she will get kid again.. She was very excited and text to father via whatsApp. Her father was very happy. Then I went out again to see DR at Medicare Clinic, Raja Uda. Due to confusion from pregnant kit showing 2 red lines, I needed to see doctor in order to confirm pregnancy. Doctor congratulated me and told me that I am 6 weeks pregnant already. She gave me Folic Acid to consume. Luckly, my pregnancy was safe as I thanked to Lord for keeping me safe. 

@ Medicare Clinic, Raja Uda (22 April 2020)
* 1 type of medicine - “Folic Acid

I have waited for 8 years, I finally got pregnant again. Haha... just my feeling.

Thanks to the Lord for planning. I immediately made video call to my mum, my mum in law and my husband about it. That day my husband worked in the morning. He said he can't believe and thought he was so strong due to his enough rest during MCO. ==lll Hahaa...

My husband was very happy and tried his best to treat me nicely. I was so weak, tired and sick all the timeeeee!! When I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant I suddenly was extremely fatigued and felt nausea everyday when smell the cooking or eat meals.... I lost nothing in my mouth. I just had to endure and struggle for about 4 months ! :( 

I went to Hospital Bagan on 25 April 2020 for pregnancy follow up. Dr Jason asked me about the problem I encountered. I told him the pregnancy results are positive and I needed to confirm. He checked by SCANNING my tummy again. Dr Jason found my fetus in baby has beating heart. He confirmed my pregnancy and told me, my due delivery will be estimated 19 December 2020. Wow, early this year!!!! 

My Conditions of 6 weeks
♥ Sea of nausea
♥ Fatigue
♥ Toilet over 2 hour or more
♥ Breast changes
♥ No appetite to eat
♥ No dizziness

My Health Status:
I often get exhausted. Interruption during sleeping time at night. Although my belly is small, I still need to adjust to other method so that I can sleep well and sound. Lying on my back is surely not good for me as I found it hard to breathe. I ended up sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs.

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (21 October 2020) Register KMM @ 29 April 2020
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood test

I applied with KMM, Mak Mandin at 2.00pm for follow up onb my pregnancy. She provided me a new pink book. However because of I can't hear whenever counter call name for take number,  I indicated about me being "deaf" on white paper. With that reference, nurse will know and notify me in an easy way. It's solved! ^_^v

Nurse took blood test. I hate needles!!!! Nurse said I need to come for MGTT test following day at 8am. I drank sugar water then vomit. Then continue coming to MGTT at 11.00am after 2 hours, for nurse to take blood. The MGTT result will be announced next checkup. Then MGTT result was out, I got blood sugar and must go to general hospital. I thought they will provide me insulin... In fact nurse gave me advices on healthy food and meal intake. Hmmm. I found it so strange as I have to crave for a lot of fruits without meals, but vomit when I eat meals.

Nurse met my mum in-law and she took her to me.  Nurse said I need to come to KMM for MGTT result at 8 May, 8am. Then I went to KMM, I confirmed GDM. :( .... Nurse said I have to come 4 times (8am, 11am, 2pm and 8pm) for BSP after 2 hours. Oh ya, seemed like I lost 1.2kg weight that week.

My result BSP:
8am   :  4.1mmol/L 
11am : 3.9mmol/L 
2pm   : 8.8mmol/L (NO GOOD)
8pm   : 4.2mmol 

Reminder of advise : Good 5.3mmol/L below and Bad 5.7mmol/L above

eplacement day to next day at 2.00pm only, take BSP as they gave glucose kit, test my blood which was 4.8mmolvery, in good condition. I returned glucose kit to Nurse. I made appointment for BSP and glucose kit on 27 May and the result on 28 May. Looks like I was very busy with appointments for BSP with KMM... :(  Test BSP every 2 week to meet with KMM. My experience ya! 

♥ MGTT - Modified Glucose Tolerance test to check how a pregnant body react to sugar level in body.  
♥ BSP (Blood Sugar Profile) - a procedure that measures the amount of sugar, or glucose, in your blood. 
   Clinical  Guidelines by MOH (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia):
    ▪ Before eating, BSP reading for a pregnant woman has to be less from 5.3 mmol/L
    ▪ An hour after eating, BSP reading for a pregnant woman has to be less from 7.8 mmol/L
    ▪ 2 hours after eating, BSP reading for a pregnant woman has to be less from 6.4 mmol/L

I bought pregnancy milk, stretch mark bump location, Amway sets.

Amway sets this refer overview below:

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (8 May 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

At Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (23 May 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Calcium Carbonate”

I asked Dr. Jason whether I need my blood test for down syndrome. Nurse injected my arm for blood test. The result for down syndrome will be announced via letter after 1 month. Reminder for pregnancy woman aged 30+ over, you must do blood test for down syndrome early before 14 weeks ya...

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (27 May 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

 Two Trimester during MCO

(14 - 17 weeks) 

CMCO is Conditional Movement Control Order

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (10 June 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
*4 type of medicine - “Vitamin B-Complex”, “Folic Acid”, “Paracetamol” and “Ferrous Fumarate (before food)”

My BSP result is better. Doctor advised me that I must not take from 3.9mmol/L below because pregnant mother could easily faint and need food more. I feel troubled with BSP! I told him that I vomitted several times. Doctor understand so he has to give medicine for me. @@.. I have a lot of medicines. Haha

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (20 June 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Obical”

My 16 weeks pregnancy, next appointment to meet Dr result my result blood for down syndrome. Dr say good result low risk for down syndrome is normal baby. Thanks Lord!

Next Sat, the appointment with Dr. Jason. He say the possible gender for baby is 90% girl,so I believed my baby would be a girl. I will give surprise my #rcjyfamily, my family and my family in-law with baby gendar reveal party next July. 

Haiz, I usually sleep at 9-10pm early. My 1st kid still want to play with me that I feel very tired. I let us play for short time around 10min and make sure that my 1st kid has enough fun and feel satisfied. Then I went to beddddddd... But I woke up around 3am++ like usual.... I tried continue sleeping but still awake. :(... Unlike my 1st pregnance, I lost apetite at most of time during 2nd pregrancy. Only my favourite curry bihun, I can feel it in my tongue while other meal, I feel nothing.. Haha.

I never feel sleepy during work and my body is still strong, vomit less and keen at drinking a lot of water but still, my face look pale... ==

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (24 June 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

 Two Trimester during MCO

(18 - 22 weeks) 

RMCO is Recovery Movement Control Order

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (8 July 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
*4 type of medicine - “Vitamin B-Complex”, “Folic Acid”, “Paracetamol” and “Ferrous Fumarate (before food)”

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (18 July 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Obical”

My 20-week pregnancy, my doctor has scanned my tummy to check the baby gender. The initial result was girl but found out its false. The correction is boy after 3 times scanning to make sure, eventually proved with a form of penis showing up in image preview. He asked me to check 2nd blood for down syndrome test. So my baby is confirmed to be a BOY. I am very surprised how come it's a boy. Wonderful pair of kids! 

I had a difficulty in passing motion. 5 times - I tried harder to pass motion which caused me some bleeding. I asked the doctor whether I can dye/perm my hair and drink latte and almond milk during my pregrancy.

DR advised that a cup per day is allowed and colouring / dyeing hair is a big ~NO~NO~!

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (22 July 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

I made a simple balloon for party to reveal gender of my baby at my parent's house. My 1st kid excitedly want know to which gender. I told her to be patient, as it will be revealed in the afternoon... 

I began my game to answer the baby gender! I slapped the ballon at my husband's lip to explode. But his balloon is still intact instead ==lll. Haha... Hooray! My husband and my 1st kid were very surprised to got a baby boy. She with her excitement in her heart ran to tell with her grandparents. Then we announced our baby gender to my family in-law and called her grandma in-law. She also accepted our baby boy and will take care and make baby adorable. Hehe...

                    Ready to answer!                              Oh Baby is BOY.                 ‘Adding’ to the sweet family.                                                                                                                                                                      3 + 1 = 4 

Amway sets this refer overview below:
My mother give Amway Iron Folic medicine for me. 

 Two Trimester during MCO

(23 - 27 weeks) 

RMCO is Recovery Movement Control Order

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (12 Aug 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood test

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (15 Aug 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Calcium Carbonate”

My 20 weeks pregnancy, test blood for down syndrome 2 times. Next Dr say good result low risk for down syndrome is normal baby 24 weeks. Thanks Lord!

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (27 Aug 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (9 Sept 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood test

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (12 September 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Calcium Carbonate”

Old hospital move to new Bagan Hospital, wow it's clean and there are beautiful rooms. Great service that they help guide me go to Dr Jason's room. After scanning, Dr say no problem and baby is safe.

Three Trimester during MCO

(28 - 31 weeks) 

RMCO is Recovery Movement Control Order

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (23 September 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Check Urine Level

My family in law went to Cameron highland. I didn't realize that I had eaten so much during trip for 2days 1 night. 

I go to KKM Clinic for check up... Nurse found me over weight 3kg fast and asked why. I know nothing... hmmm, I think due to eating so much. Nurse said change 1 week for check up for diet control and blood test. >.< I dont like going for check up every week. So I reazlie and I has to control my food intake. Next week, I lost 2kg and try to work on it again until 2 weeks later, finally got my weight back to normal. Nurse praised me and  again, she still remind me to control my diet. I experienced! She changed to 2 weeks for check up.. I am so relieved. Coconut water is very benefitable. 

Since 7 months of pregnancy, my husband or my mum in-law bought coconut water for me every week. Coconut water is not just good for pregnancy women but for all ages. The benefit of cocount water is the amniotic fluid will clean and babies born have clean skin, bushy hair and clear eyes. Coconut water is also a good source of diety fibre, calcium, manganese, riboflavin and Vitamin C.

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (25 Sept 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (2 Oct 2020) 
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood Test

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (10 October 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Calcium Carbonate”

Three Trimester during MCO

(32 - 35 weeks) 

RMCO is Recovery Movement Control Order

For first time, my husband is away from work so we go together to Bagan Hospital. I am very happy to be with him.. Every time I go for check up, I would be always alone always because my husband have work in the morning from April until September 2020 but I never mind.

He feel amazed with the technology as the 4D ultrasound scan baby show the face of baby. He make sure with the doctor on baby gender. Doctor confirmed it. Baby looks like superstar with face baby and weight 2kg baby. =.=lll.. baby's  weight go over 2 kg so fast from my 31 weeks of pregnancy! We feel funny!

8 months pregnancy every 2 weeks for check up. Dr said it will be cesarean section (c-section) surgery to deliver a baby and asked us to decide on which choose date between 5 to 14 December 2020. I mentioned to Dr that I do feel heavy especially on walking. I can feel my tummy discomfort like kicking almost going to toilet after wake up and walking too. Dr said it's due to uterus at lower position because of 2nd pregnancy.

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (21 October 2020)
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood Test

P/S : Nurse asked me why I did not go to hospital on 8 October 2020. I pretend I forget my appointment... But actually I dont like going to Hospital (KKM) because of increasing number of covid-19 patients. I am worried about my pregrancy's safety so I decide not to go for that appointment... Hmm, I ended up going to Hospital (KKM) but I have to be careful and practice social distancing from people. >.< Nurse from hospital told me that there is no Covid19 patients, only pregnant ladies. She fixed next Monday to be my appointment. Hope my pregnancy stay safe ya. 

@ Hospital Seberang Jaya (26 October 2020)
 Sejarak kelahiran secara obsterik
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure

I have appointment today and show my pink book with note reminding the nurse that I can't hear when they call me and tell them to find me sit near by. Nurse asked me that where is 1st pink book (for my 1st baby last time). I told her I don't have this book and the pink book is first time for 2nd pregnancy. She said oh, right follow Bagan Hosp... I said yaya! Then checked weight, blood pressure and test urine sugar.

Dr : 1st pregnancy - Which hospital did I give birth at?
Jy : Bagan Hospital. Failed 24 hours so I had c-select operation.
Dr : Alright, please go to scan
Dr : The scan said all no problem and baby is fine but only over weight... Haha
Jy : Haha.
Dr : Do your generation has any hereditary disease or disability?
Jy : No
Dr : Was your 1st baby sick after giving birth? 
Jy : No
Dr : You check up with both at KKM and Bagan Hosp, right? Check up at Bagan Hosp on what?
Jy : Yes, check up scan and test blood for down syndrome. 
Dr : Alright...Confirm you will give up at Bagan hospital? Which normal birth or c-selection?
Jy : Yes, because of my medical history for 1st baby so they want to follow same method for 2nd baby as it was so easy. I want to try normal birth method. Need me to come here for check up? 
Dr : Oh yes, normal birth is the best. By the way. you no need come here. Check up only and need stamp chop on your pink book. Then refer to KKM.
Jy : Thank You! Please prepare slip time for me.
Dr : Alright, do for you. :o)

Too many questions.... =.= Zzzzz....

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (31 October 2020) 
* 2 type of medicine - “New Obimin” and “Calcium Carbonate”

My sister in-law and I go to Bagan Hosp for appointment. She need to discuss with Dr. Jason about my 2nd pregnancy. Dr said normal birth is too risky because 1st baby have even broken blood uterus so forced to perform c-sec in emergency according to record last time and advised that c-sec is better for 2nd baby's safe. I wish normal birth so no choice and I agreed to c-sec. 

I can't hear because of no movement of baby in my tummy so I tried touching and patting my tummy, the baby got moved. So relieved! My hiccup suddenly act up and it startled me because I feel sleepy in office as no enough sleep at the night. I keep going to toilet every 1- 3 hours. It is crazy and exhausting as I keep waking up from my sitting or sleep posture which is difficult to do so.

My mum in-law prepared baby clothing and thing about 95%. My mum and I bought baby liquid, soap, shampoo, medicine (oil and more) and etc and prepared clean room for me and baby... Next my sister in-law will send baby bed and thing soon. I prepared hospital bag about 95%. ^.^v

Almost 1 months again, we feel excited to welcome the arrival of our baby soon!

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (12 November 2020)
 Blood Test (My husband only)

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (12 November 2020) 

2nd CMCO started at 9 November until 6 December 2020. I stay home and work from home because I help guide my daughter with her homework via online andfrom school group via whatsapp. 

I go together with my sister in-law to see Dr Jason. She requested with Dr that I will do c-sec on 10 December,9.00am. Dr agreed and informed that I need admit to Bagan Hosp at 5.00am, do Covid-19 test via my nose and get result within 2 hours before labour room. My baby is like chubby because it is weight over 3.4kg... Haha... Maybe up to 4kg next December. ^.^v... Next appointment at 28 November to check up. 

We searched the name for 2nd baby then forward the list of name to my 2nd sister to help match with voice. She choose Ewan Chan because easy to pronounce and nice. Ewan mean God is gracious and born of yew. We confirmed this name.

My mother in-law give our baby boy his chinese name "Tze Kai".

Three Trimester during MCO

(36 - 40 weeks) 

2nd CMCO is Conditional Movement Control Order

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (18 November 2020)
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood Test

@ Bagan Hospital, Butterworth (28 November 2020)

My pregnancy 2 months until 9 months weight to 8kg only. My 8-9 months pregnancy make my feet swollen as if it are fat and I exercise walk and yoga so my feet would be back to normal shape but sometimes become swollen back. I lack of sleep I can feel baby moves, kicks and turns with my bump. Also I feel urged for going to toilet! Nevermind, I will sleep well when its confinement time. Amazing feeling to experience pregnant lady life! 

Seriously not easy during covid-19, I must social-distance from people, wear surgical mask, put on hand with sanitizer and must bath after appointment and work during pregnancy. Praying safety for my pregnancy until 9 months. It's best feeling ever!

Appointment with Dr at Bagan Hosp at 28 November, I accompany with my sister in-law and my scan check up... Wow, my baby weight over 4.3kg...too big bump!!!! My sister in law asked me whether I want my husband stay sleep in Bagan Hosp. I told her no, I better have to be alone and don't worry nurse help me...I do not let my husband to overnight at hosp because of risk of covid-19. It will be safe trip for me ya. Booking 4 bed wad room already. 

Thank You, my 3rd sister present newborn clothing and baby stuff to me. She wants my baby to wear this newborn clothing as special celebrity upon discharging from hospital. Alright! I will... 

Countdown 11 days to go! 

@ Klinik Kesihatan Mak Mandin (2 December 2020)
 Test Urin Sugar 
 Blood Pressure
 Blood Test

Dr from KKM asked me to come after my confinement 2 months, need to drink sugar water for test sugar level. >.<

Countdown 8 days to go, I complete my bag for hospital and baby. My husband will accompany me at hospital for 3 days 2 night but he stay at hosp from morning until evening only. I miss my girl and don't worry, we use video call ya. My girl is waiting for little prince brother come home.. What a beautiful date - 12 December 2020 when I will check out from hospital coming soon! Pray for the safety of me and my baby! 

Pregnancy magical experience so make sure us to enjoy to fullest. I also love my cutest baby who coming soon! I will be ready and strong yaya! 

So anyway. Just sharing with you guys what I have done through my journey of pregnancy.

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