{ Mom, you were right }

I learn how to be a mom until I became a mom. On this Mother's Day, I want to give my mommy tried her best to be good mom in me and my sister's growing up years. Touch heart my mommy accept me deaf as we love and learn sign. I very proud with my mommy of one as I become mommy!!!

Now I am a mom myself, I finally understand what she means when she says "You will understand when you are a mom of your own kids one day." I shudder at the thought of my teenage children treating me the 

same way I did to my mom. I hope it is not too late to say "Mom, forgive me?"

Thanks million to my mom became grandmother as my mother in law love with my daughter. She service good with me when give meals, thing and more. I very shy with my mom in law gave any for me. Great my mom in law of one!!!!

{ Emilia & Kids's birthday of October Party at School }

Beautiful & Creative Jelly Kitty Cake!
My 3rd sister treat Jelly Kitty Cake. My emilia love Kitty... Thanks to my 3rd sister!

We bring jelly kitty cake for pre-school and preset Gift Bag in snacks for her classmate. My life-changing moment deaf mummy! It so happens that October Birthday this year which more meaningful.  

with daddy and mummy!

An October Birthday celebration as successful as the smiles on the kids.
Sing..."Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday"
Thank you our Emilia for making 3rd Birthday a memorable one!

Teacher present our Emilia.

Fuuny day! We back to our sweet home after pre-school. She start smile and exited in home because a most precious gift . We are sweet kiss.

We love her so, so much. Blessed 3rd birthday, and may you grow up strong, healthy and happy always. 

{ A surprised for my mother }

Wow, grandma very happy for my homemade an apple rose pastry. She ate very delicious and keep 3 apple rose tart for my daddy. 

Beautiful the APPLE ROSES PASTRY make romantic.

I learn the rose apple tart from  recipes website. Look very hard, I tried to do it until got luck. Perfect for the Birthday and Season.

She walk to bring the rose tart to grandma very surprised. Grandma like it and tiup lilin. She kiss grandma as turn kiss! They sweet love. Grandma ate very delicious.

{ Project activity for my kid }

The Advantages of Playing Learning Games with my kid

Mommy teaches sign languages of 1-10 and she learns! 
Mommy will teach 11-20 next round.

She then plays shape sorting clock. Mommy will teach her to check on time when she grow bigger.

She start piecing the puzzle together with the help from mommy. It took us about 20 minutes to complete the puzzle. We are having great time together.

Mommy teach her COLOURS using sign languages. I use colour cards to teach my kid. These cards are useful and help my kid. :)

My kid number sense is really improving, but to help further her association of numbers and numerals, I created for numbers images to make some clip cards. 

What to Do :
Kids count the images on each card, then using their fine-motor skills, squeeze a clothes pin and close it over the number of the images represented.

Easy. Smart. Fun!

{ My 33-Month Little Angel }

She thanks mommy for the toy and thump up.

We make banana yogurt muffins.

Baked chocolate muffins! She says:" yummy delicious!"

==lll same sign language and smile by daddy and Emilia

She is having lunch after her kindergarten school. Thanks to 3rd sister.

Early/late birthday celebration of my husband, my mum in law, my brother in law and my brother in law's wife (June, July and September~birthday) 

She is ready for tomorrow show! isn't she sexy!

Big bowl noodle in my voice cafe & studio krystal point after sending off my brother in law and my twin's niece.