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8 words totally different meaning after our become parents

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Bandung, Indonesia Trip

4 DAY 3 NIGHT : 19 – 22 May 2018,

Cultural, Nature Exploration and Adventure Life begins! We three Deaf girl decided to take ourselves on challenge in communication using VGC and writing method to interact with people in Bandung.

🔔🔔 RM599 ONLY per person! 🔔🔔
My trip is based on AIRASIA, AIRBNB and Bandung Driver. AIRASIA is very easy la! AIRBNB - I checked online searching for a good accommodation but their reviews has a lot of good recommendations! Very attractive interior design. I showed to my girl friends to discuss and select. We agreed! I was very afraid because the host might be a scammer so I took long time to think !!!!.🤔 Why was I so worried on payment issue? 😵 I better not to think more! 😤 Go gooooo! 😎Finally mustered my confidence to book AIRBNB! Luckily, I got the confirmation letter from AIRBNB via email. So efficient! I whatsapp-ed the host for his help! 😚 The host was worried that we can't sleep due to mosque calling for prayer 5-time in the neighbourhood. I chuckled telling him that we are actually Deaf and we have no problem with that so we can sleep sound! Wow, the host is very honest and he spared no time to tell me about this. We can do ourselves! 

💰 How to BUDGET for this trip 💰 
(Not 1 person, is for 3 people) :

🚅 ETS from Butterworth – KL (on way) RM 129
✈️KL – BANDUNG (return) RM 693
✈️KL – Penang (on way) RM 137
🚌 Bus from KL Sentral to KLIA (on way) RM 18 (OKU) 
🏘️ Pavilion 19 Homestay, Bandung by AIRBNB RM 240
📱 6GB Data simcard RP 100,000 - RM 28
🚗 Bandung Transportation / Driver (Model: Toyata Avanza White) @ Ciwidey & Lembang for 2 days (Unlimted Hour) RP 1,000,000 - RM280

💵 Conversion 💵 :
RM 2.80 equates to roughly RP 10,000 

🇮🇩 Here's an itinerary of our trip, in Bandung,
please feel free to share it with your friends. 🇮🇩




Welcome to Bandung 🇮🇩
🚅 Arrived at KL Sentral from Butterworth
🚌 From KL Sentral to KLIA2
🛫 Depart for Bandung
🚕 Taxi RP 100,000 = RM 28
🚩 Cihampelas Walk
🍽️ Dinner at Warung Talaga, Cihampelas Walk
🚕 GRAB RP 10,000 = RM2.80
🏘️ Check-in @ Pavilion 19

Upon our arrival in Bandung, the view airport is very spectacular with the house and even lightings. I saw traffic there, the motorbikes are quite dangerous. Bandung culture shock is that when we stop by traffic light, people will come to our car to sell snack or dedicated song with his guitar. We were very surprised that the GRAB fees is far cheaper for long distance. The food we ate at the restaurant is very delicious! 

Wow, Pavilion 19 by AIRBNB is really a nice and cosy place to stay! Absolutely lovely, lots of homey touches that provide lots of high classic artsy character. We fall in love with interior design. This is just loveable and cool place to stay for a quick trip in Bandung, only 18 - 25 degree which you only need a fan in room! For breakfast, Pavilion 19 caters to everyone with a mix of European style and Indonesian style every morning. I gave Pavilion 19 host a HALAL-certified Malaysia Snack as a kind gesture of appreciation.

Using my link to create an account, can get discount
🏘️ Here's the link for our airbnb in Bandung




🍽️ Breakfast @ Pavilion 19
🚩 Kawah Putih or White Crater
🎫 & 🚌 (Ontang Anting) RP 225,000/3 person = RM 63
Busy photographing under sunny day until the drizzly rain hit yet we were still photographing, so about 20 minutes being 

under the rain, we left. 

P/S: Please bring mask, jacket rain and jacket because KAWAH PUTIH is very toxic and depends on weather.

🚩 Situ Patenggang
🎫 RP 60,000/3 person = RM 17 + Parking RP 5,000 = RM 1.40
🚩 Kampung Cai Ranca Upas
🎫 RP 70,000/3 person = RM 20
If visitors can buy the carrots to feed deers, it only costs you RP 10,000 = RM 2.80 per bag.
🚩 Cikudapateuh Ciwidey Old Train Track
🍽️ Dinner @ Sangkuring Resto Restaurant, Sukajadi






🍽️ Breakfast @ Pavilion 19
🚩 Farmhouse Lembang
🎫 RP 75,000/3 person = RM 21 with milk drink voucher (Original, Chocolate or Strawberry). We choose Chocolate Milk Cup very delicious 💯
👸 Swiss National Costume rental for only 1 hour = RP 120,000 - RM 34

🚩The Lodge Maribaya
🎫 RP 70,000/3 person = RM 20 with milk melon voucher and Parking RP 5,000 = RM 1.40
We didn't go to each attraction, we only chose only three INTERESTING attractions.
( Sky Tree RP 18,000/3 person = RM 5 , Zip Bike RP 60,000/3 person = RM 17 , Bamboo Sky RP 15,000/3 person = RM 4.20 )

If photo is shot every attraction, you may opt to pay RP 10,000/per = RM 2.80 for a photo. No print photo and they will transfer photo to your mobile after choose photo.
P/S: Please wear pant to this place, wearing skirt is not encouraged. And when you go play in attraction, make sure you have to lock your bag and place on table.

🍽️ Dapur Hawu Sundanese Restaurant
🚩 Rabbit Town, Cidadap
🎫 RP 75,000/3 person = RM 21
🚩 Kartika Sari, Cicendo
🍽️ Dinner @ Chagiya Korean Suki and BBQ

Transportation / Driver:
Thank to Andy who is driver guiding us to Ciwidey and Lembang. We communicated using VGC with spoken language in Malay language on admission ticket to attraction. I can understand what he was trying to said from lipreading. He is very kind. 😏 The place and activities are simply AMAZING. We are crazy girls, laughed and made noise in his car. He laughed at our cute expression! I gave him HALAL-certified Malaysian Snack for his wonderful service.

For residents and any questions, please contact:
whatsapp: +62 813-9408-8428 (Andy)

However, we were too crazy with photography for 2-3 hours that we missed out 2 places to visit. We never mind. 




🏘️ Check-out at Pavilion 19
🚕 GRAB RP 50,000 = RM14
✈️ Check-In @ Husein Sastranegara International Airport
🍽️ Breakfast at Douwe Egberts
🛬 Depart for Kuala Lumpur
🍽️ Lunch @ KLIA2 
🛫 Depart for Penang

In the end, we didn't have enough time to shopping and buy souvenir. All ticket purchase don't have any special discount for OKU in Indonesia. Just original price. 🙈 Haha... Depends on availability of special discount for OKU in Asia. 

P/S: Due to many zero digits for Indonesian Rupiah currency, you are advised to make sure the correct amount to pay. And when you purchase ticket for admission, make sure you always have to demand for price display before buying purchase. 😵

❤️ Thank you for reading! 💋
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